John McGuinness T.D.

Minister for Trade and Commerce Irish Government
Adam Buckeridge has helped me to improve the services offered by my office, speed up the response time to queries within my office, reduce costs significantly and create a paperless system.

I was impressed by his ability to take an existing system and make it more efficient, less time consuming and cheaper to operate. He took the time to listen to our goals and iron out the difficulties we experienced trying to achieve them. I’m delighted with the end result.

Since implementing Adams suggestions my office is running more smoothly and cheaper and my constituents are receiving positive results from my staff on a more regular basis.

I recommend Adam Buckeridge as his services give great value for money and his professional approach is refreshing.

- John McGuinness T.D.
Minister for Trade and Commerce

Paul Beggan

We have found working with Adam Buckeridge to be easy, fun and rewarding. The “Tireless Technologist” has consistently exceeded our expectations since we began working with him. Not only does he offer excellent service he does it at an extremely reasonable rate, which is most importantly of all, transparent.

His exact and detailed budgeting allowed us to manage our costs effortlessly. He uses a fantastic online project management solution which keeps all of the project participants informed, motivated and directed. We were kept informed of everything that was happening in the project and any changes etc. were very clearly explained and outlined in order to facilitate decision making.

We will be recommending him to new clients, business colleagues and friends.
Our website: www.sleek.ie was beautifully executed it ran smoothly from the off. Adam makes the entire process from conception through creation direct, easy and problem free.
Adam Buckeridge will help you realise your design concept and make creating an ecommerce website a pleasure.

- Paul Beggan Sleek.ie